Sophisticated technology opens the doors to an effective incontinence therapy

While science has improved most medical procedures over the years, treatment for incontinence has remained largely the same for decades.  Wave Brilliance therapy uses advanced technology which adds dramatically to the effectiveness of treatment.

While correct pelvic floor exercise, bladder re-training and diet (for some patients) is part of the therapy, the NeoControl™ chair creates a therapeutic pulsed magnetic field that produces powerful stimulation to vital muscles that cannot be activated through pelvic floor exercises alone.  You remain fully clothed and comfortably seated in a special chair… there’s no pain, but you can certainly feel it working.

A simple, painless, non-invasive and affordable programme


Treatment consists of 16 sessions with patients attending our clinic two or three times a week.  Each session involves 20 minutes of magnetic pelvic floor stimulation while you sit comfortably, fully clothed in our advanced technology NeoControl™ chair.  Treatment is totally non-invasive and while you may feel some minor discomfort as your pelvic muscles repeatedly flex and tighten, it is painless.

This is known as the ‘core therapy’ and for most patients it should be sufficient.  However we will provide training on voluntary pelvic floor control to help you maintain muscle tone when your therapy programme is completed.

Your doctor is committed to setting you free from the  embarrassment of mishaps and the financial drain of purchasing costly pads.

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